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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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let some punk ass little piece of [bleep] run his mouth and treat people like [bleep]. captioning by captionmax this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a maryland police officer on the wrong side of the law. tonight he faces attempted murder and sex charges.
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thanks for joining us everyone, i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. according to police the victim told them he tried to carjack him but it's all a lie. wisdom martin is working the story for us. >> officer gene gillette was indicted for murder and sexual assault among other thing. all this came to light after his story about shooting a jar jacking story at his house didn't add up. -- a carjacking story at his house didn't add up. >> reporter: the charges stemmed from a shooting at his home. officer gillette lured the victim to his home with a promise of being in a porn video, but when hall arrived there were no girls. they say the officer told hall to give him sexual favors and when he ran away, gillette shot him several times. officer gillette initially said it was an attempted carjacking. >> i was upset and frustrated.
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my brother-in-law, that's not his m.o. that's not what he does and for them to accuse him for something like that and then put him in that situation pretty much on his deathbed, you know, i was real frustrated. >> reporter: quintin pierce is john hall's brother-in-law. hall was in the hospital with serious gunshot wounds for about two weeks before recovering. during that hall explained the initial story about a carjacking was not true. >> we pretty much knew the outcome the way it came out was the way it was going to be because after john was able to speak he told us the story. the truth came out. >> it was because of the investigation. the investigators responded right away and they were able to do their investigation to determine what happened. >> it was a relief, too also because it takes the blame on my brother-in-law. >> reporter: gillette was with the mount rainier police department for three years and was officer of the year twice.
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his boss chief michael scott said he was excellent while he is everybodied with us and they are taken a back by the charges. >> god spared my brother-in-law for a reason and the truth came out. >> gillette's bond review hearing is tomorrow at 1:30. if convicted he could face up to life in prison. >> was there anything else in this officer's background that may have led to this? >> they're still digging, but no is the answer right now. his boss says he had a clean jacket and was a good officer. that's why they were so surprised when this information came out about this indictment against him today. >> wisdom martin, thank you. take a good look now at these surveillance photos. fairfax county police say this man is targeting women in northern virginia malls. he is suspected of slashing five women over the past five months. the most recent attack was yesterday afternoon at fair oaks mall. he cut a woman shopping at 21
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on her buttocks. similar attacks happened at tyson corner and the greenbrier center on route 50. if you recognize him, calm police. another big story, the debt ceiling debate, there is word of a major setback for house speaker john boehner's plan to raise not debt limit. the nonpartisan congressional budget office this evening reported the speaker's plan is short on its promised deficit savings, real short and the clock is ticking with the deadline just a week away. fox 5's tom fitzgerald back now from capitol hill and we're talking billions of dollars here. >> that's correct. the speakers office headed back to the drawing board tonight. the nonpartisan congressional budget office issued a report saying the speaker's plan would cut $150 billion less than promised. this development has thrown more confusion into a debate that's getting more complicated every day. facing pressure from conservative house republicans, speaker john boehner is still trying to lock down votes for
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his plan to raise the debt ceiling. >> we have a bill that is a reasonable approach negotiated with the senate leadership that really is common sense. there's more cuts in spending than you have in increase in the debt limit. >> reporter: the speaker's plan is to raise the debt ceiling by $1 trillion while cutting 1.2 trillion in spending, but it's a plan that's running into trouble. >> i want to be absolutely clear. i will not vote to increase the debt ceiling. >> reporter: conservative republicans like michele bachmann say they want deeper spending cuts while congressional budget office says boehner's plan overestimates its savings by $150 billion. >> speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise. it was written for the tea party, not the american people. democrats will not vote for it. >> reporter: senate democratic majority leader harry reid is pushing a competing $2.7
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trillion plan with the white house's backing. >> now is the time to compromise. it's for democrats to give, for republicans to give to reach a solution that's not ideal for anyone except for the country. >> reporter: but if both sides can't meet the august 2nd deadline, the administration will have to decide who gets paid and who does not. >> what there won't be money for is to pay all of our bills. >> reporter: allison frazier is a director of economic policy studies at the heritage foundation. >> on august 3rd we have a big crop of social security checks waiting to go out to recipients. so right off the bat the administration is going to have to be making some pretty tough choices. >> reporter: as the deadline nears house democratic leader nancy pelosi warns even if speaker boehner salvages his plan in the house, it could be a brief victory. >> does the speaker have any votes in his own caucus? >> i don't know, but i do know
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the bill is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: the house was set to vote on speaker boehner's plan wednesday, but the report out tonight, the staff says they'll find more budget cuts to make up that gap and the vote could be pushed off till later in the week. >> major garrett from the national congressional journal joins us again tonight. you just heard nancy pelosi say this is dead on arrival in the senate. what are you hearing? >> look, the speaker is in a fix and this what is happens when you write legislation late, get a report from the cbo late and the results are not what you wanted to find. the reason the vote had to be delayed is the speaker can't before anything in his caucus that isn't scored by cbo. republicans won't vote tore anything blind. they want to see the numbers -- for anything blind. them the 2 see the numbers and the policy add up. -- they want to see the numbers and the policy add up.
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harry reid's policy hasn't been scored either. what boehner is saying all right, i came $150 million short, but at least i submitted my plan. give me time. we'll put something else together and vote probably thursday, but every day, every hour brings us closer to default that it's delayed. >> yesterday in the national journal you wrote about president obama not using a specific word in his speech to the american people. he didn't use the word veep toe, but in not past week i've -- veto, but in the past week i've heard him say he would veto a short term plan. >> speaker boehner's plan gives the president about six months of guaranteed debt limit extension and offers the prospect of another extension of the debt limit should congress and the super committee this bill would create in additional savings, a two-step process process. the president doesn't want a two-step process. the administration said told the president's advisors would recommend to him a veto. that gives the president wiggle
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room. i heard nancy pelosi, all the democrats are saying the bill can't pass the senate. let's wait until it passes the house because if it gets to the senate and harry reid's bill fails, there will only be one alternative, speak are boehner's, that may well fail -- speaker boehner's, that may well fail, also, but then the two have to put together something that resembles their bills, so compromise is still possible even though it takes a few steps. >> as we get down to the bottom line here, do you really think that we'll get to a point where they aren't going to work out a deal? i think a lot of people will say just like they passed the budget, it went down to the 11th hour. >> the budget worked out back in april and march because congress was new and the deadline wasn't as dire as this one. we're really coming up against
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it. every hour that passes the reality of default becomes greater. i'm not predicting default, but each and every hour wasted brings the country closer to default and the president, speaker boehner and harry reid, have to figure this out and figure it out quickly. >> we are still watching and waiting, major garrett, congressional correspondent for national journal, thanks for coming in again. >> my pleasure. following developing news from redskins park. now that the lockout is over the team and its players are back to work. fox 5 sports director dave feldman joins me now. what was the mood in ashburn today and were there any player personnel moves? >> the mood was good and the answer yes, santana moss the first of the free agents to stay in-house agreeing to a three year $15 million deal including a $5 million signing bonus according to espn. also several reports the vikings and redskins are very close to finalizing a deal to send the quarterback to
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minnesota. the delay is the reworking of mcnabb's contract. while mcnabb is almost surely gone, albert haynesworth might be around this season. mike shanahan says they aren't going to give him away, the co haynesworth is still under contract with the skins already paid almost 35 million for 20 games of work, scheduled to earn 5.4 this season. he was suspended the final four games last season for conduct detrimental to the club and here's his teammate brian orakpo. >> it wears you don't. albert don't want to talk about it. we don't want to talk about it. we just want to focus on us as a team, man. last year and the years previous we talked too much about individuals that had problems with the organization and stuff instead of trying to perform well. it just harms on you at times. >> albert -- harps on you at
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times. >> albert haynesworth could still be around, even though brian orakpo said it could be a distraction. the free agents across this land especially with the redskins and the one way to dissect it would be to discuss it with an nfl gm. >> or a former gm. there are names being let go from teams and we asked the former general manager of the washington redskins what it's like to be in all those front offices right now. >> it would be hectic but you'll divide it into sections. the college free agent period is a two hour process at the most. that's over and done. with the draft choiced shouldn't be complicated because normally they sign at the last minute anyway. now you're at the last minute. i think it will get figured out quickly on what the new system can do. that shouldn't be long. on the free agent part of it if you're trying to get some big money guys, that's going to take a couple days there. i'll say one thing about your plan. you always have a plan. after about the first 24 hours you are on to another plan, but
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teams are organized enough they can handle this. >> reporter: charley casserly is a former redskins general manager, spent 23 years with the team winning three super bowls in the process, says the new $120 million per team salary cap is problematic. >> here's what happened. two years ago the cap was over 120 million. then you had an uncapped year. when you are signing contracts three and four years ago, you naturally escalated future years because you anticipated the cap going up. now the cap has been basically flat or a little below that, so you'll have teams that will have contracts that weren't built for this cap, thus you'll have players release. >> reporter: what does he think coach shanahan and redskins top management are going through now? >> they need to build for the future. they started out with the draft by multiplying draft choices and getting a lot of numbers and players, a young infusion of talent. now i think they need to
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concentrate on the younger free agents. that's what you invest your money into. they have a lot of needs. they're not going to so of them all in one year, but they've taken -- solve them all in one year, but they've taken one good step in the draft. you be methodical in building process. >> reporter: he says the front offices and gms were working back in january and february what they were doing for free agency and he says the new rookie salary cap is a good thing. it's going to free up some money for some of the veteran players. >> did he say who got the better end of the deal, the players or the owners? >> he said both did. he thinks them got what them wanted, also didn't -- them got what they wanted, also didn't get what they wanted and it was a fair deal for both. >> at 10:00 we'll talk with the guy who says he's the starting quarterback for the redskins this year. his family is john beck and beck hasn't played in four or five seasons, has as much experience as you or me, better
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athlete. brian, back to you. >> i'm glad near the one of you guys are going to be the quarterback -- neither one of you guys are going to be the quarterback. another congressman indicate up in a sex scandal resigning -- caught up in a sex scandal resigning, but he's not step ago side just yet. >> another hot -- accepting aside just yet. >> another hot -- stepping aside just yet. >> another hot day in d.c. i'll let you know how we look heading deeper into this week and weekend. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back. 
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we have new information tonight in the twin terror attacks in norway that left dozens dead in and a country reel -- and a country reeling. police have begun identifying the victims and are defending their response to the deadliest attacks in the country's modern history. >> norwegian police continue to question the suspect in the terror attacks in norway that killed at least 76 people. today for the first time since
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the attacks life appears to be getting back to normal in oslo. >> reporter: starting to put names to the victims killed in norway's deadly dual attacks, police tuesday released the identities of a few and will continue doing so every day until everyone has been id-ed. >> it's a very complicated job. >> reporter: police are working to defend themselves after being criticized for what some say was a slow response to the attacks. as for the suspect, police say an dez behring breivik who confessed to planning and -- anders behring breivik who confessed to planning and carrying out the attacks claim there are additional terror cells and he was trying to save norway from a muslin invasion. breivik's attorneys say his client is likely insane and took a drug before the attacks. the purpose? >> to be stoned, to keep him awake. >> reporter: leaders from norway's labor party and labor youth, the group targeted in the attacks, are vowing to
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recover. >> the labor youth have said themselves that it backfired on him. >> reporter: people in oslo also showing signs of recovery heading back to work for the first time, buses, trains and taxis all back to running as usual, but the scenes from last week's deadly explosion are still on the minds of many. >> nothing compared to this. they'll make it. he's not going to control my life. >> it's come back to work and keep going. >> police say the island where the youth group was attacked will remain closed for some time until their investigation is complete there. >> did police reveal anything else about the suspect today? >> police say the system was unemployed. he had previously worked as some sort of salesman, although they wouldn't specify what
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kind. his lawyer says breivik sees helps as a warrior and we should add breivik pled not guilty on monday and is currently held in solitary confinement. if he is convicted, the suspect could face up to 21 years in prison. >> he seems to think he's not criminally responsible. >> no, you're right. back at home a 16-year-old girl is now charged with kidnapping a baby from baltimore. jonae boozer was watching 7- month-old ki'yauhn birch friday night while his dad went out to by cigarettes. police say when the dad returned, boozer and the baby were gone and were found early yesterday morning near a bus stop in northeast d.c. the baby was not harmed and was reunited with his mother. boozer is being charged as an adult. d.c. mayor vincent gray is speaking out about the financial scandal plaguing council member harry thomas accused of spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for his personal use. a federal lawsuit with the city he agrees to pay back $300,000. the mayor issued a statement
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today saying i am pleased the complaint the office attorney general filed has come to a quick resolution. i applaud them for achieving a settlement, particularly one that will benefit district of columbia children. thomas agreed to donate thousands of dollars of sporting equipment to a city youth league. for the second time in less than two months a democratic congressman being forced to resign in the wake of a force scandal. this time it's oregon representative david wu accused of having an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18-year-old woman last year. >> reporter: saying the time has come to leave washington embattled democrat david wu of oregon announced today he will soon resign. the decision was apparently motivated by a significant push from oregon's democratic senators jeff murkly and ron lyden. wu's chief of staff was alerted the senators would publicly call for his resignation if he
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did not offer it by noon today. their prepared statement read in part, "the accusations against wu are jarring and exceptionally serious. we believe he can no longer be an effective representative for our shared constituents and should in the best interest of oregon step down." wu did divide in some fellow house members after allegations surfaced that he engaged in an unwanted sexual encounter with a teenager who graduated from high school last year after reportedly telling some of his staff the encounter was consensual. his colleagues were discreet. >> i know he's got two children, so i was expressing concern. >> reporter: citing the well being of his children wu said in a statement today, "i cannot care for my family the way i wish wheel serving in congress fighting these very serious allegations. i therefore intend to resign effective upon the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis." with no end to that issue in sight wu could be in washington
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for a while. he'll still be subjected to a possible investigation bill the house ethics committee. house minority leader nancy pelosi referred the allegations to the committee yesterday. oregon's governor is prepping for a special election to fill wu's seat when he finally stems down. congressman steve israel -- stems down. congressman steve israel praised wu's decision to resign and says he's confident democrats will resign his seat which has been occupied by a democrat since 1975. a mother convicted after her son was killed while jaywalking. will she head to prison? the emotional courtroom drama coming up next. also ahead. >> reporter: you may be surprised just how hot it can get inside a car. tonight warnings about just how deadly this can be for children. 
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a private funeral was held today for singer amy wine house in london. family and friends lessened to winehouse's father tell stories about the -- listened to winehouse's father tell stories about the 27-year-old grammy winner. he told mourners his daughter is happier now than she had ever been. an autopsy was unable to determine the cause of her death. toxicology reports will take up to four weeks. an emotional day for a georgia mother convicted in the jaywalking death of her son. raquel nelson was found guilty of second degree homicide in the death of her 4-year-old. nelson's lawyer and family members appealed to the judge for leniency. >> raquel nelson will live with this tragic event every day for the rest of her life and don't think for one moment this mother of three doesn't blame herself for what happened. >> she doesn't deserve to be in
10:29 pm
jail. >> the judge heard their pleas. she sentenced nelson to one year probation and community service and gave nelson a chance to clear her name by offering her a new trial. nelson's lawyer will consider the offer. you may think it's impossible to forget a child in the back seat of a hot car but it is happening more often. the deadly trend and what can be done to prevent the tragedies. also ahead there challenges raised by advocates who want better clean-up standards, but taxpayers should know it's going to cost you. turn left.
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and get another one free.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. this summer's heatwave is putting a spotlight on a deadly trend, children dying of heatstroke left in hot cars. since 1998 more than 500 children have died. federal officials are working to keep it from happening again.
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fox 5's sherri ly reports. >> reporter: sophia cavalarro lived just 375 days. ray ray as she was known died in the sweltering austin, texas sun when her father forgot to drop her off at daycare, the beginning of a perpetual nightmare. >> i never in my life could have ever imagined anything like this. >> reporter: this year at least 201 children left in cars have -- 21 children left in cars have died of heatstroke. >> we lose children right now. we need action right now. >> reporter: federal transportation officials convened a roundtable calling for a national awareness campaign. >> if you kid yourself and say it will never happen to me, then you set yourself up for that danger. >> reporter: in just 10 minutes the temperature inside a car can rise dramatically. right now the air conditioning in my car is blowing at 70 degrees, but i'm going to turn the car off, roll up the window and see just how hot it gets. i'm already beginning to sweat.
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it's the body's effort to try and cool down, but a young infant or child can't do that. right now the temperature inside the car is 134 degrees. when the body temperature reaches 104 degrees, the organs begin to shut down. >> if you leave your child in a car unattended for any amount of time, you are putting your child at risk. never do it. >> reporter: reese cavallaros started ray ray's pledge with parents and daycare centers agreeing to call each other when a child doesn't show up. >> in these times when we the parent are vulnerable we can have a safety net to help prevent any kind of injury to our children. >> reporter: safety advocates called on the auto industry to do more. some after market warning systems exist, but not auto industry proven. >> we must be able to warn probably within 15 seconds while the parents are still in the area to do something about that.
10:35 pm
that means that we're likely to have a very high percentage of less incidents. a 2-year-old dies in a minivan still strapped in his car seat. there's no time to wait. >> reporter: a simple solution, women put your purse in the back seat and put it next to your child. men, take your cell phone and leave it and then you won't forget. technology welcome later. for instance, since congressman dated automatic trunk releases inside a car those new cars haven't had a single child die inside. in northwest sherri ly, fox 5 news. a woman's death has sparked a new law in virginia designed to protect you from speeding emergency vehicles called ashley's law named for a fairfax county woman killed three years ago when her car was hit by an officer responding to a call. emergency vehicles are required to slow down at red lights and use sirens and horns in
10:36 pm
addition to flashing lights. governor bob mcdonnell signed it into law today. >> public safety is the top priority of government and everything we can do to make sure our great law enforcement officers are properly trained, equipped is something that we want to do. >> the governor acknowledged in a staple today ashley's family and friends -- statement today ashley's family and friends pushed to have the law enacted. there's a pretty strict deadline to clean up the anacostia river. a judge called the river dirty and is demanding a tougher standard within one year to make sure the river is more welcoming to swimmers and fisherman. fox 5's karen gray houston has more on the new clean-up order. >> reporter: those who live, work and play in the anacostia watershed may one day get relief from the more than 5 billion gallons of stormwater and raw sewage that drain into the river each year. scotty younger, an cost ya
10:37 pm
river keeper group and the -- anacostia river keeper group sued and call the ruling a major victory. >> the judge said the anacostia is dirty and that the government agencies that are responsible for cleaning up river have been indifferent. >> reporter: stacy water is a quasigovernment agency charged with executing district clean- up rules. its general manager had this reaction to the ruling ordering the epa in d.c. and maryland to develop better standards for cleaning up pollutants. >> we're all in agreement the anacostia needs to be cleaned up. there's no enterprise doing more for the anacostia than this one. we rode along with a d.c. water crew that uses a skimmer boat to clean up river. this skimmer goes outside each week weather permitting and picks up mostly floatable debris like pieces of wood, lots of plastic bottles. the big challenge will to be get rid of sewage that overfloppies into the river
10:38 pm
along with rainwater during -- overflows into river along with rainwater during storms. d.c. has a big promotion about the huge underwater tunnel it's about to build to keep the overflow from going into the river. >> you're going to be just one more drop of pollution. >> instead it will go down a drop shaft, be captured in the tunnel, but unlike a rain barrel held in place it's then transported in the tunnel down here and it will get pumped back up and get treatment at this plant. >> reporter: new technology will be costly. he says over the next 10 years average rates will go from $60 a month to over 100. meantime environmental groups say they will keep an eye on government agencies. >> when they won't voluntarily do the right thing, we will take action like we did two years ago and we will sue them. >> reporter: along the an cost ya river, karen gray houston, fox 5 news -- anacostia river, karen gray houston, fox 5 news.
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>> ground breaking is expected this fall. coming up next a travel warning for anyone headed overseas. plus we're heading back to redskins park. this guy is likely the new starting quarterback. he talks to dave feldman about locking up the position. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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the state department has issued a new travel warning, the reason? lingering anger over the beth of osama bin laden bin. the department -- death of osama bin laden bin. the department says there is still a risk of death to americans worldwide. the department fears terrorists might be planning reprisal attacks in europe, asia, africa and the middle east. a virginia man accused of spying for pakistan while
10:43 pm
working with american lawmakers is out of jail. syed ghulam nabi fai was arrested last week. he is now on home detention. jury selection began today in the federal lawsuit against the defense contractor once known as blackwater. two former employees say the company charged the government too much money for services and that's just the latest in a string of legal problems for the company. once it wraps up its work in iraq and afghanistan. the company is now known as xe and is moving to arlington. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a serial slasher is on the loose in fairfax county. a man's cut several women at busy shopping malls. police are worried it's only going to get worse. a congressman is arrested outside the white house today. find out why on the news edge at 11:00.
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now that the lockout finally over donovan mcnabb is
10:47 pm
as good as gone and that leaves the big hole in the quarterback position. >> at redskins park today fox 5's sports director dave feldman spoke to some guy. i've heard him show up at redskins park talking a lot of smack, hasn't played football in five years and this is our leader. >> maybe. his name is john beck. went on national radio a while ago, said he was going to be the redskins starting quarterback. the second round pick out of byu has not backed down from that statement since, something i discussed with him earlier this afternoon. john beck as happy as anybody the lockout is now over. >> definitely, glad it's over. glad to be back here working. >> you've talked all like you'll be the starter. i know as a quarterback you have to be confident. has mike shanahan told you something he hasn't told all of us yet? is there some inside info? >> it's just a competition is what i've been told, it's going to be a competition to be the guy and i feel competent in
10:48 pm
that competition because i work so hard and like you said, all quarterbacks are built that way and if you're not, you have no chance to succeed. >> shanahan has been a fan of yours since your byu days he said. did you guys know about each other? >> i knew who he was, you know. i followed him a lot, read his book in college and you hear whisperings. there were years when i was in miami, even baltimore where you hear whisperings and whispering came true. i'm excited to be here. >> you haven't played in a regular season game since you played with the dolphins. i guess you're fresh. you're not beat up. you're healthy, but will that be hard to have been out of regular season games that long or does that not deter you? >> there's also going to be an adjustment period and yeah, i haven't played in a game for that long, but i tried to prepare myself as best as i
10:49 pm
possibly can. there's no substitution for experience, but you can use preseason games to help that come along quicker. when practice ended, i went back and was critical of myself, the same as i would be in a game because i knew i was going to have a chance to start somewhere down the road. i had to use that as my experience. >> rex grossman is a free agent. is that who you believe the quarterback competition will be is with rex? >> i believe it will be rex it. wouldn't surprise me to have somebody else come in. i don't know the donovan situation, but the quarterback position is one that demands a lot and of they'll want that person to be the leader. they'll find the right person and it will be through competition. who knows? they may bring five guys? >> you feel now you're on schedule to be an nfl starter? >> i do and i have to feel that way. if i don't, i have no chance. >> well said. training camp begins thursday,
10:50 pm
the first official practice is friday at 8:30 a.m. saturday's practice will be open to the media ya and beck may be a little tired. he -- media and beck may be a little tired. he just had his third baby three months ago, a boy, 10 pounds. sounds to me like he and his wife barbara are raising linemen. >> who else besides rex grossman? getting word of anybody else? >> no. the latest is mcnabb is probably going to minnesota. they'll have to have someone else besides those two quarterbacks, but it could be a quarterback battle between rex grossman and john beck. >> it will be fun to watch. thank you, feldy. >> time for football camp means it should be getting hotter again. i've got to say today was less humid, still hot. tomorrow looks really nice. it was a little less hot than today and still on the comfortable side in terms of humidity. i think it will be the best day of the week, plan to spend some time out of jail tomorrow as in
10:51 pm
you don't have to be barricaded in the air conditioning. we've got a weak front off to our north and west that will swing through later tonight and bring a little refreshing change in air. i mean still near 90 but better than today. on to the weather headlines because we got rather warm today, up to 90 fever degrees. it was less humid. -- 95 degrees. it was less humid and tonight should be pretty comfortable. some spots should get into the 60s. it will feel better tomorrow than today. more heat is back in the forecast late week. i know, plug your ears if you can't stand to hear, it but it will be pushing 100 again air temperature-wise friday and feeling like 100 to 105 degrees when you factor in the humidity that will be increasing. we had triple 95s today at all of our recording airports and dew points that were comfortable. today ahead of the weak fronts we're watching up through western pennsylvania a couple
10:52 pm
showers. they've been weakening now trying to come through the shenandoah valley. the front has produced a few more showers up through western pennsylvania, maybe an isolated shower well to the west. the front will help us out, especially when it comes to the comfort index for tomorrow. our dew point tonight is 64. we consider that not too bad. tomorrow we'll be in that range, but i think it will be closer to 60 or maybe the upper 50s which should really feel phenomenal, nice bright blue sky, a little bit of refreshing breeze. unfortunately temperatures have been very slow to fall off. they will start to go, but 86 at 10:00, still very noticeable, 81 for frederick, 79 gaithersburg, 77 culpeper and we will have clear skies overnight and with temperatures dropping to the upper 60s it should be a real refreshing start in the morning for chantilly and winchester 66 degrees. here is your temperature trend. tomorrow should be cooler than today, 90, 91 degrees, close to
10:53 pm
average of 89, but thursday nine 5. friday we're up to 99 degrees again -- 95. friday we're up to 99 degrees again and the humidity climbing. high pressure will be over us tomorrow. the front will get down to our south. it will be real comfortable, but there's one more special day. then the high will flip off the coast and bring the return flow around it, start says bringing the heat back into the picture. that's where we'll be thursday and friday, hot and humid with temperatures climbing well into the 90s and we keep that going through the weekend, might even be throwing a thunderstorm into the mix at that point. here's your five-day forecast. we're going for, as you saw, there's three days that really start to warm up, especially friday at 99, which is the record. saturday 97 and sunday 93 degrees. i think starting friday but especially saturday, sunday we may have a couple thunderstorms around, too. i think people root for those when it gets that hot because it breaks the heat a little.
10:54 pm
coming up next bringing a d.c. staple to the masses, we will introduce you to the local woman who is stirring up stuff. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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now to a d.c. favorite, chicken wings and mumbo sauce. never heard of it? mumbo is between barbecue and sort of a sweet and sour sauce. fox 5's beth parker introduces us to a local woman on a mission to share mumbo sauce with the world. >> reporter: in a kitchen in annapolis a new business is spreading fast. this is the world headquarters of capital city mumbo.
10:58 pm
mumbo sauce, it's like ketchup but better to the 10th power. >> reporter: marsha jones is a web designer by day. >> when you're in college and thinking i want to be famous for something, i want to be rich, you don't think i'm going to be a really famous web designer. people call me like the mumbo sauce queen. >> reporter: she grew up in d.c. where mumbo is king. >> i grew up on georgia avenue and office place. >> reporter: she spent her summer paychecks on shoes and carry-out as a kid. >> i had several favorites from the car-out and one of them was mumbo sauce and chicken wings and fries and other things i shouldn't have been eating. >> reporter: eventually she and her husband figured out her kids liked mumbo, too, so they tweaked the recipe. >> we did tons of taste tests. >> reporter: and created capital city mumbo sauce. they figured out how to make mumbo sauce. getting it to the customer is
10:59 pm
another project. >> turn website on and accept the orders and i already had an e-mail list of four the concern people waiting for the website to open. >> reporter: -- four different people waiting for the website to open. the kids are likely i getting paid for this? >> reporter: the orders are pouring in. the ketchen looks like the spot where mail -- the kitchen looks like the spot where mailbox et cetera meets the store. >> i was hoping it would be something for the family to do. >> reporter: her recipe is still scrawled on a piece of paper. >> there's a few secret ingredients. >> reporter: they started with 36 empty plastic bottles. now they're working toward 1,000 bottles sold. >> we really had not even low expectations. we had no expectations. >> reporter: it's all been sweet with a fun little kick at the end just like mumbo. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> can't wait to taste it. the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with


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